About Tutch

What makes us tick!

Behind every great agency is a great team, we know we are biased but we think we have got a pretty damn good one here at Tutch.

Why are we here?

our aspirations

We believe in being better. Not everyone can be the best to start with, but everyone can be better and ultimately become the best. It’s part of our brand ethos, self improvement is at the core of what has made Tutch who we are today. We build new thinking around past experiences, while opening ourselves up to the wider world, doing and interacting to deliver a future experience that is bolder than its predecessor.

What's your name again?

our name

As human beings ‘touch’ is built into our DNA. The touch of a parent or partner, the touch of a physical object, or the emotional touches that we experience when we watch a movie or listen to a song. They are all instinctive… and that's what we strive to create. Digital experiences that function so intuitively that you instinctively make the connection.

What makes us different?

our mindset

We know that all agencies say it but if you have met us you will know we are not your average digital agency. Some would say we're a bunch of misfits, but we like to use the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We insist on being transparent in everything we do and remain curious to the world around us and its offerings.

How did we get here?

our story

Founded in 2013 by Creative Director Stuart. The vision was simple - to create long lasting change for businesses and organisations that we work for. We are a gathering of intelligent and creative people that want to leave our digital footprint.

Comfortably Uncomfortable

It is only when we sit outside of our comfort zone that we start to make meaningful change.


We are always on the lookout for new people to join our team

If you're a Marketer, a Developer, a Digital Designer or work in Client Services we are interested in hearing from you.

Send us your details and we will get one of our friendly team to get in Tutch. Alternativly email hello@tutch.co.uk with your CV.