Awards. Just like Buses. You wait for one and three come along at once!

Our Recipe for Success

Excuse us for being a bit giddy, we are just about down from our high from this years 2016 Hertfordshire Digital Awards where we were nominated for three awards, and we are proud to announce we had a clean sweep across the evening! … Surprised is an understatement but chuffed we were in bucket loads!

Talk about starting as you mean to go on, we graciously and very unexpectedly took Gold from the first award announced of the evening. Awarded for our site Wildgoose within the Lifestyle & Culture category, Wildgoose is a corporate team building and events company. The design and user journey of the site were key to the client and their users. This was achieved by guiding them through a series of steps, empowering them along the way to help them make quick and easy decisions to arrive at their bespoke event solution and presented with friendly steps to contact, book or find out more. Having been on a Wildgoose event ourselves as a Tutch team and experienced what they have to offer we knew we have to convey this was no ordinary team building events they were offering – speaking of which watch this space to find out about our ‘Wildgoose Chase’ day and see how we got on!

Following that and having not long returned to our seats and giving each other well deserved pats on the back we were off and up again when Wildgoose was awarded silver within its second category of ‘Best Responsive’. Bravo Wildgoose, Bravo.

Our third award and proudly second Gold was awarded in the Best B2B Website category and was won with our Oakmont Construction Website. We were particularly pleased with this award as it was a departure from what you would expect with a traditional construction Website. Oakmont were the dream client to work with. They were brave enough, and were given confidence to allow us to push the boundaries, or what we internally call being ‘Comfortably Uncomfortable’ – our mantra we believe that being a little different and standing our from the crowd will pay dividends – its not easy being right

This site itself is bold, seamless and unusual for its industry, bringing colour into what is typically a grey industry. We were ecstatic that our hard work and creative output was recognised with winning Gold within the category. It was a really proud moment for us all, especially for our lovely designer Ellie, who made a great acceptance speech - and not at all alcohol induced - accompanied by the whole of the tutch team.

So in retrospect what did we take away from the evening (other than 3 Awards!).

Well, we can pride ourselves that Tutch is an agency that is producing high quality award winning work that will give the London lot a run for their money.

We come to work each day, busying ourselves designing, coding and plate spinning in our little Aston office with each one of us contributing to our success and making a difference. We are a humble little country agency and consider ourselves to be established but still relatively young compared to our competitors who were also nominated on the night.

Small and Mighty to quote a well known laundry detergent, but in all seriousness we have gone through a big change within the past 12 months and these awards mark that change and shows how far we have come. We thought we might have been in with a chance of coming away with something on the night but never thought we would have a clean sweep. The sky’s the limit from here team!

And call me cheesy, but we are a family. Through busy times, crap times, the late, late evening times we will support each other and ensure that everything we do is for the gain of our fantastic clientele.

We had a great evening and we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Hertfordshire Digital Awards for our 3 awards and not to mention the sore heads in the office the next day!

Go Team Tutch... on to the National Awards!