How effective is email marketing?

And does it still hold value to today’s consumers?

Email marketing isn’t just another marketeers tool. It’s a highly valuable way to allow business owners and customers to stay connected - so it’s a no brainer as part of any digital marketing strategy.

In today’s market it is all about doing more with less, and email marketing still holds its value by connecting with customers. Sending out engaging personalised emails while sticking to a budget is what most marketers are tasked with. Those who are able to achieve this are consistently delivering ROI and generate revenue for their business. Research shows that no other marketing tool has the same longevity that Email Marketing has - we have all heard the saying ‘a oldie but a goodie’ - but why and how I hear you ask.

The reach of an email

You might think that social platforms would surpassed the value of an email campaign with the amount of social users that exist, but email is still a stronger contender for two reasons. To sign up to all social platforms you need an email - everything is email driven (even social). Secondly email is a targeted tool to reach out to your chosen consumer rather than having your business feature on a news feed amongst other posts. It will capture your audience when they are in the right frame of mind along with being personalised and tailored. Email has become the currency of the web! And those who have given you their email address want to find out about your business or service, rather than hitting them with a social stab in the dark

The trust

There is a greater trust in emails compared to social advertisement and text message marketing. Research shows that when a consumer is on a social media platform they are wanting to connect with their friends and family and their mindset is not as open to marketing adverts as much, whereas emails still hold an air of formality to them and is a format that consumers respond to in a more positive manner with the conscious decision to click on a link and find out more.

Personalised and customisable to keep them wanting more

Consumers like to feel important, loved and valued. Being able to tailor your email marketing by name, personalised content and images can increase your ROI two-fold. Send them something that will resonate with them and offer them something of value to keep them wanting more. When writing ads or posts on facebook you are addressing your audience as a whole - set your email campaign up right by addressing your recipient personally as well as segmenting lists to tailor that content, all of this will reinforce the value of your email campaigns.

Emails don’t have to, and should never, ever be SPAM. Email Marketing when used right is a invaluable tool to build up trust and interest in your brand. It should offer insights into the business or sector you work in and help you build relationships with current and past customers at a time that suits them.

Measurable results

This point sometimes gets overlooked as all the hard work is focused on getting the strategy together, but your email marketing results are fully trackable from delivery rates, open rates, click throughs and unsubscribes. This is invaluable information for you to monitor how your email campaigns are performing, what content got the best responses so you can make adjustments and improve effectiveness going forward. If you want to get into the details of testing your marketing, well established email platforms allow you to carry out split testing  - this allows you to tailor the response of various content such as an “up to 20% off” offer compared to a “Sale now on” type offer - results can then be monitored, changed and improved depending on consumer behaviour - allowing you to learn about your consumers buying habits and what they respond to best.

Email is here to stay kids

There have been many platforms that have come and gone (anyone remember Friends Reunited!) but email has stood the test of time and continues to do so. Email has a long history as part of the marketing tool kit compared to the relatively young social media platforms, but that’s not to say that there isn't a place for social as there clearly is, but email gives you a different option. Email platforms  have evolved leaps and bounds from needing a developer to put together your campaign to now having multiple options out there empowering the modern marketeer with the tools to create campaigns that can deliver success.

In this content driven world that we all now live in do yourself a favor. Make building an email marketing list an integral part of your long-term marketing goals - in years to come you will be grateful you did!