New up and coming talent.

Its that time of year when Tutch HQ open our doors and welcome work experience students within the studio.

Get Involved

Its great for everyone involved for us to be able to show the younger generation what we do what websites, coding and design is all about and how the industry works as well as opening their eyes to possible opportunities for the future.

I am sure you all remember at the age of picking GCSE’s, thinking about your ‘future’ was figuring out what you were going to wear that weekend or when you were going to go see the latest movie out, not what career you wanted or where you saw yourself in ‘10 years time’ – being mid twenties or god forbid in your 30’s was ages away!! But not for our students that came in – engaged and excited about what the working environment could offer, they became honorary employees for the week to find out what all this web design and coding malarkey is all about.

Gabby came to us from Goffs School in Cheshunt

Gabby came with a keen interest in Art, so while with us the design team took her under their wing to show her a few tricks of the trade. Our aim was to show her the workings of how websites are designed and built specialising in mobile first as well as showing her a few of the programs we work within, the processes we use to create a website for a client and the general day to day goings on at a country based web agency.

We had her hit the ground running working on live projects across both print and digital as well as an initiation into the team by joining our ‘Brew Crew’ as she aptly labeled us – it’s no secret that our workforce is a well oiled machine run purely by the supply of tea and coffee. While with us Gabby was a fantastic engaged individual and was able to quickly pick up the use of both Adobe Indesign as well as Sketch, along with the sharing platform Invision and our internal communications system Slack – we were very impressed with her can do attitude she brought with her each day and the willingness to give anything a go.

Thomas from Monks Walk School

Having been with us last year he wanted to delve deeper into the working of Tutch with a more driven idea of what he would like to pursue. With an interest in both design and coding we gave him an opportunity to work within both teams. He was introduced to Sketch to understand how sites are created and then WordPress and how we translate a site from a flat form into a fully functioning workable website. Being an enthusiastic and quick learner the week progressed into Thomas designing his own website and getting the basics of it coded. We were impressed to say the least at what he was able to achieve within such a short space of time.

If you don’t know too much about us (it’s ok – come in for a cuppa, we are always keen to meet new people) we are a small but perfectly formed team so anyone who comes in into the business makes a difference and having both Gabby and Thomas was no different. They were great members of the team during their time with us, getting involved with tea making, our rural weekly Wednesday Walks rambling across the fields – (great for clearing the head!) daily morning Scrums and sunshine lunches.

It was a pleasure to have Gabby and Thomas with us for the week and for being such team players. Gabby has a creative flare that we think she could make a career out of and definite potential to become a budding designer or coder if she chooses that route. Thomas has an eye for coding and having sat with the Dev team we are hoping he got a taste for what working as a coder could offer for him. We wish them both all the best of luck for their exams next year and we hope to see them in the future as we are always on the lookout for new talent.

“Words cannot express how appreciative I am to have had the opportunity to have got to know each and everyone of you and the pleasure to have had the best work experience week. The team at tutch were kind, generous, considering and most of all welcoming. I was made to feel like a true employee, working on active projects and getting to know how the guys work. Thank you so much for making me feel involved and inviting me to be part of your weekly activities including Brew Crew, Scrum, hat of Shame and Wednesday Walks. It made me feel comfortable and very much part of the gang!”
– Gabby, Cheshunt