Tutch team on a wildgoose chase...

Cast your memory back to mid summer when the sun was shining, shorts and flip flops dawned and a pub garden was calling your name - yes it really wasn’t that long ago! Having worked hard throughout the summer we were offered the chance to be taken on a wild goose chase! Sign us up we said!

With help from Wildgoose, a client who we have been working with building their website and marketing campaigns this year specialise in app based team adventures, gave us a challenge, and we were not too shy to accept!

Our app based adventure was set around Covent Garden, London, against our close business friends - Distinctly. We met the opposition before the start and instantly our competitive heads were placed firmly on.

As a team we made our way around the cobbled streets of Covent Garden and surrounding areas answering questions, undertaking tasks and finding locations all dictated through the app.  

All managed by GPS to get you from one zone to another. When you arrive in a ‘zone’ it activates questions, acts to be performed or activities. This included conducting interviews, recreating a bond film scene, posing as ballerinas and finding clues on plaques, theatre billboards and searching for iconic landmarks.

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As we raced around London you could see the whereabouts of Distinctly (our competitors) on the app which spurred us on even more - nothing like a bit of healthy competition huh!

It all ended in good spirit though at a local watering hole and Tutch taking the victory by accumulating the most points throughout the task.

All that was needed to take part was a smart phone to download the app, a full battery on the device and your away! Following the instructions and whereabouts of the questions/activities was easy to use and put our sense of direction skills to the test.

Along with their outdoor team building activities and treasure hunts at Wildgoose you can opt for an indoor team event at a range of locations and venues - perfect for these winter months. So the next time you hear the term ‘team building event’ thrown around the office and the horror sets in look no further - you could become the office hero with this little gem!

We thoroughly recommend Wildgoose for team building events or just an excuse for a fun day out with friends, We really enjoyed our event so why not book yours today.


Oh… and take a look around their Website that we created while you’re there - it’s recently become a two times award winning site thanks to the Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2016!

Team Tutch - Wildgoose event champions and award winning extraordinaires!