What we have been up to...

The Tutch workforce have been busy bee’s launching new sites, creating marketing campaigns, designing web applications over the past few months and creating some stunning bespoke landing pages for our clients. Here are just a few to tickle your digital tastebuds...

Nicholas Anthony Launched back in September this year, Nicholas Anthony specialises in the design and installation of High-end luxury kitchens, bathrooms and home interiors.

We focused our attention on showcasing the luxurious and exclusive nature of their products. An image led and sophisticated design was measured up creating a site that really highlighted the distinguished brands coupled with clean functionality resulting in Nicholas Anthony standing out from any competitor.

The modular design of this site allowed for an interesting back end build. It was created in a way that if the client wants to change the whole configuration of any page including the homepage they can do so themselves.

On The Dot We lent our skills to Email Marketing with our next client On The Dot. Here we were tasked to create a stand out campaign for an upcoming event. Showcasing On The Dot offering -  A unique delivery service providing the customer a delivery within their own desired one hour slot whether that be 2 hours times, tomorrow, next week or in the future!

We provided consistent marketing in the form of email communication before and after the event to support literature designed for the event day itself.

With a vision in mind we created a uniform design across all visuals using a light colour pallet and sketchy imagery teamed with USP content to highlight the unique services and customer focused style of the service they provide.

Having the task to appeal to smaller retailers as well as the large chains we give empowerment and brand confidence with the use of bold type and bright imagery.

We adopted the ‘Three Step’ Concept - breaking down how On The Dot works for both the retailer as well as the end user layed out their business plan simply for people to understand what their offering. With this we managed to really highlight the main focus to the prospective clients.

Horizon Parking We love nothing more than a client with a problem and being tasked to solve it…..

They are the fastest growing Parking Management Company in the UK, and the issue they were facing was having a Digital Shift Management System within the company to keep up with their growing business.

They needed the ability to manage a system with the elimination of manual and automating process of data. We discussed with them in depth there past woes of using WordPress as their platform and how it creates many restrictions of flexibility.

Our solution was a new web application with a simplistic design and a big focus on the ease of use and core functionality within. By giving them a bespoke system they were able to cherry pick the design and functionality of their system to work perfectly for them and more importantly future proofing.

Features we included within the system such as helping automate the status of shifts by timing them allows proper flow by only allowing certain actions when the shift is in a certain status conveying all information given to be as correct as possible. Also the web application created allows the system to grow around the company as and when desired.

Features that we built into the system included helping to automate the status of a shift by time, adjusting actions, status and all being able to filter. As well as handling users, sites and marshalls all within one clean system. Most importantly the application allows the system to grow around the company as and when they need it.

Rubica Change Management Consultancy who endeavour to shape and change teams and leaders within an organisation. We concentrated on their ethics of change and created a site that was not only aspirational but trustworth also.

We start as we mean to go on with the landing page of this site - our aim was to have interaction with the user asking the questions they are already asking themselves, giving them the encouragement that Rubica is the right team for the job and in-turn becoming the gateway to the rest of the site and retrieving the answers the user is seeking.

The goals of the site are to highlight that change within your organisation can really impact your work in the most positive way and this echoed out with client testimonials, and case studies. Because Rubica offer no tangible product to the user it was important to get across the personable side of the company and the people behind Rubica. Having vidoes rather than blurbs about each team member was a really interesting approach that has had a great response for the business.

If you're interested in changing your working environment and strive for a change take a look at their site today.

These were just a few of the sites we have launched in 2016. We are a small team of passionate developers and designers that truly believe in what we do each day…. Otherwise what’s the point in turning up each day! One site at a time we want to make the web a great place to be...

If you are interested in working together on a bespoke website or if you're looking to enrich your marketing power in the new year give us a call! We’ll put the kettle on....

We will be back in the office on Tuesday 3rd of January...

In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year from us all here at tutch, let the celebrations commence…

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