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Air Ambulance for Magpas Helimedix

Last week, Tutch were invited to the official opening of the new specialist training centre (one of very few in the country) for Magpas – The Emergency Medical Charity. The new Magpas Helimedix Air Ambulance (the first orange one in the country) was also unveiled. Tutch designed the new appearance of this helicopter, and needless to say, we were very excited! We were lucky enough to be invited to this launch, alongside many local and regional press outlets and such as the BBC and ITV.

Arriving at 11am, our eyes were furiously scanning the skies. However, it was our ears that picked up at the impending arrival of the air ambulance, with the distance thunder of the whirling helicopter blades. Not a moment later people were pointing towards an orange dot in the distance and we were all transfixed as we watched this brand new helicopter come in to view, with the distinctive Magpas branding zinging out from the orange background, this impressive piece of machinery just hovered a few feet above the ground and the Pilot pirouetted the helicopter, so we could see we could see exactly how it looked from all angles. It was just awe inspiring seeing a helicopter of this magnitude land literally feet away, almost blowing us off our feet as the MAGPAS helimedix team on shift finally touched down.

The helicopter was exactly how we designed it, painted in a flood of vibrant orange, a large Magpas logo along each side – supported by the word Helimedix, with the reflective Battenburg shouting out. You just couldn’t take the smiles off our faces! It’s not everyday you get to design the livery on a helicopter and we were very honoured to be asked. Check out the helicopter coming in to land in the video below;

MAGPAS Helicopter Landing from Tutch Media on Vimeo.

After the media finished interviewing, filming and taking photos, it was our turn to be in the spotlight and stand in front of the helicopter to be photographed, however we were a little surprised that we weren’t handed the keys for a little test flight of own – maybe next time?

After a time chatting to Dickie and Steve (Pilot and HEMS Crew Member), we were all escorted to the new training centre. Upon arrival, there was a buzz in the air. The building was a hive of activity, as 14 new recruits were put through their paces in simulations – based on real life incidents that Magpas has attended over the years of providing it’s crucial, frontline emergency medical care.

The sim dolls that are used are state of the art. These lifelike mannequins are controlled by laptops, so the tutor/examiner can adjust the state of the injured patient at anytime, to give a life like experience when attending major incidents. The tutor could change heart/pulse rates, alter the breathing, turn on bodily functions including fluids – all from a click of a button. Even though these were simulations we were witnessing, you could still sense the tension in the air. But the paramedics and doctors remained calm and collected as they worked alongside one another. The dedication, the passion of these highly trained medical professionals was just mind blowing.

MAGPAS Helicopter Landing from Tutch Media on Vimeo.

It’s thanks to these people on the front line who give up their time for free, the team behind the scenes that make Magpas tick and the supporters of Magpas who generously donate so that they can afford to have a state of the art helicopter and basically keep Magpas there is why lives are saved.

If you would like to know more about MAGPAS and the amazing work they do then go to their website magpas.org

You can see more about the coverage of this day by clicking the link to the ITV website below:
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