Get in Tutch

First hand client experiences empower.

Squatted on all fours in front of everyone at the office, there has got to be a good reason. 

With the office manned by our MD Gary, the rest of the team at Tutch strapped on our Lycra and headed on down to Chilli Pilates Welwyn Garden City studio to attend one of their taster classes. First impressions of the studio were excellent, from the relaxed cafe area and spa like changing rooms through to the spacious studio fully-laden with extensive reformer pilates equipment.

But what really made Chilli Pilates stand out was their passion, drive and desire to help and show their members how effective this method of exercise can be; There is a real sense of consideration and care involved!

At first glance the reformer beds looked slightly daunting but Karen, our warm and professional instructor, was quick to put us at ease, and made us feel immediately comfortable in the surroundings. (Thank you Karen!)

A couple of us were a little bit broken before we even started (back issues and knee problems), but again Karen attentively tailored each exercise so we could gain maximum results no matter what our previous troubles were. It is amazing how many different exercises and stretches you can achieve on a reformer bed: Two days later we were still feeling the burn!

Apart from being an office full of wannabe fitness bunnies who can’t resist cake, the main reason we headed down to Chilli is because we believe it’s really important to experience our clients products and services first hand. Clearly this can’t be achieved sat behind a desk in a converted barn in rural Hertfordshire, but by doing so we gain an unparalleled insight into our clients business and its customers, which ultimately enables us to help them make meaningful human connections in the digitally connected world that we live in

So back at the office we thought it would be fun to ask the team who their aspirational brands were, and who they would want to work with given the opportunity. One of the developers unsurprisingly dreams of virtually hunting down baddies with Occulus rift, while another rather surprisingly fancies going 5 rounds with Conor McGregor in the UFC, another still would rather blast off into space with Virgin GalacticSenior management want to bask in the luxury of the 7 star Burg Al Arab Jumeira in Dubai (perhaps we can get the next teem meeting out there), and us girls just simply want to be pampered by Mac! However  if we must dress in Lycra and be strapped to a reformer bed to better understand how Chilli Pilates are striving to make the community of Hertfordshire feel fitter, healthier and happier. Then so be it!

(If you’re interested in finding out more about Chilli Pilates then why not Book a taster class now! and experience it for yourself!)

Written by Jenna Noble.

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