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Cell Medica are a global company committed to improving patients lives through significant therapeutic potential of cellular immunotherapy. They apply innovative technologies with the aim of improving the treatment of cancer and immune reconstitution following hematopoietic stem cell transplant.

They are the leading manufacture and commercialization of cellular products and have patient benefits as their leading priority. They desired a site to showcase this and highlight all areas of the company’s aspirations - A simple clinical design which is information led with a patient focus was key.
They also tasked us with creating a signature generator for the employees to implement a uniform signature for their emails globally.

Meaningful strategy

Our aim was to take lead from the logo an its vibrancy and focus on creating a uniform site that is approachable for visitors and allows the company to stand out.

The message here is of high importance and the information provided is key to understand the brands aim.

Thinking ahead for the design of the signature generator we wanted to keep it simple and user friendly for the employees to be able to create their unique signature stamp with ease and have all the information provided for them to add to their individual emails going forward.

Brave execution

The site is clean yet informative providing key messages across the banners. The blue circular logo has become a feature that stands out from any view point. All crucial information is provided at the click of a button with a patient led focus coming forward in their sympathetic content.

The email signature generator was crafted and designed with a user friendly aspect and displays a united front from all employees regardless of job role or country.

For such an inspiring company with highly important issues we hope to have contributed in the aid of helping patients understand Cell Medica as a brand and what they aspire to achieve.



Contact us to find out more.


Contact us to find out more.