The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts


Emerging entrepreneurs E-CigWizard, approached us with their vision to turn the e-liquid market on its head and deliver a product that is far superior to anything that had previously existed in the UK, at a quality well above all other e-liquids. 

However, before they could embark on e-liquid world domination, we had to create a new brand identity and associated marketing assets all of which had to exuded high end luxury.

Meaningful Strategy

We took inspiration for the new brand identity from the fact that we were bringing together seven of the best e-liquid creators in the UK to create one unique brand.

Seven. Its the 4th prime number, a fractional prime, a lucky prime and even a happy prime. There are seven colours in the rainbow,  seven Greek Gods, seven Wonders of the World, seven Dwarfs and even seven Deadly Sins. But aside from that a seven sided shape is a called a Heptagon.

A heptagon consists of seven non-equal elements which, despite their size disparity, no individual element is more important than that of The Collective. Eureka!

So, with the accompanying tag-line ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, a name, a brand identity, and strap-line was born.

Brave Execution

With the heptagon shape anchoring the overall identity we were able to pay homage to each individual element housed within one all encompassing luxury website and the accompanying marketing assets which included brochures, packaging, labels, box packaging, business cards, letterhead, compliment slips and social media headers.