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CP cases expertise lie in producing protective cases for all types of industries from police and defence to broadcasting and live events.
With over 40 years experience in this field it was important for them to portray their large product range across their international customer base and also showcase their valuable experience and trust worth. Modernising the site and presenting a cleaner outlook was also essential.

Meaningful strategy

Looking ahead at the site plan we wanted to really present to the potential customers of CP cases that they are the go to company for this sector with a vision of a product focused site with close up and extensive clear cut imagery of all they have to offer from off the shelf to custom product types keeping in mind the modernisation of the site.

Brave execution

Utilising the client’s image library we implemented a main focus on the product.
A large banner image was used of endearing and captivating photographs of the products in situ helping the user to relate and witness them in action.
An in depth description of each product and a sufficient amount of images for each type lends the nod towards CP cases being above and beyond any competitor,
With this in mind we used and highlighted extensive case studies for the company, proving its great reputation and customer satisfaction.
Showcasing their tag line across the site being Trusted, by the experts, in the field and when it matters.


Contact us to find out more.


Contact us to find out more.