A Fresh Look


The brief that we were given was to have a logo and a complete stationery suite that represented the company's core services and values. 

“The space a man works within becomes his kingdom. A clean space is a mind” 

The world we live in is an ever changing, fast paced environment. We are subject to new information being thrown at us all the time. Being surrounded by visual and physical noise daily can become stressful. Our goal is to reduce this stress by maintaining calm and order to the workplace. A clean workspace is important to your health, your performance and your professional image.

Alongside creating their new website, Glenn Group wanted to give a fresh new look to the whole company and not just their digital platform.

We started our research by introducing a colour palette that would support the nature of their industry. The green palette was introduced as being a colour of balance and wellbeing. Green has a subconscious association of growth, harmony, freshness and environment which we matched with a rich grey as a stable partner. Resulting in a colour palette that allows the ‘Glenn Group Green’ to be used sparingly to give a greater impact within the brand.

The emblem had many discussions as to what Glenn Group wanted it to represent, whether it the service they offer or their industry, but we came to a conclusion that an abstract form representing the partnership of working with other companies, better symbolised the values of Glenn Group. The final logo illustrates the ongoing support that Glenn group offer to each and every one of its clients to deliver the highest standard of cleaning.

We went on to design their full stationery suite including letterheads, comp slips, business cards and new business collateral. The suite is clean and crisp to reflect the fresh new website that was being launched together. On a whole it is a bold yet uninformed suite that will raise the profile of the company within the industry. We are confident that their fresh new look will allow them to stand head and shoulders above their competitors.