Too cool for School!


The task was "To make the school cool" by building a website that would display all the brilliance and genius of the students of Greenacre Academy, past present and future!

At least that was our interpretation of it.

Also the Chair of the Trust is Nikki King OBE, Honorary Chairman of Isuzu Truck (UK) Limited one of the most prominent female business women in the UK. 

No pressure there then!

Meaningful Strategy

Contrary to children’s popular belief, school today is fun. Teachers are engaged, classrooms are now interactive hives of technology and playgrounds are much more than just asphalt pavements with white marker lines and jumpers for goal posts.

In order to bring consumers perceptions bang up-to-date, we knew that we had to communicate this new high energy school day through emotive imagery.

Brave Execution

Working closely with the trust we commissioned ex-student and genius photographer Tommy Reynolds to capture the essence of Greenacre Academy in a reportage style “Day in the life” shoot.

Visually this allowed us to communicate the ‘joyful’ educational experiences a child can receive at Greenacre Academy in a natural and organic way.

It was also an interesting brief from a technical perspective too, as Greenacre Academy wanted to build in some future-proofing functionality that would enable them to create additional school websites when they bring new schools into the Academy. 

With that in mind we built a multi-site instance of the Content Management System, which gives them the capacity to create a new website for a new school from the existing templates whenever the mood takes them!

Armed with some cutting edge designs Stu was able to wow not only the board of governors, but the students too… as part of the agreement on winning the business was that they would present at two school assemblies and allow the students the chance to ask them questions.

We think they’re a bright lot, especially the student who asked “How much money do you guys earn then?”