Best in Show


Crufts is undoubtedly THE event in any Dog Experts calendar and for GroomArts it is no different. Whilst over 20,000 dogs compete for coveted title, 400 exhibitors also vie for the attention and business of over 100,000 visitors. With an award winning business firmly under their belt, all we had to do was make GroomArts "Best in Show".

Meaningful strategy…

On average we are exposed to over 3500 advertising messages in a day but we actually only recall one spontaneously. This exposure to advertising clutter becomes even more pronounced when at a significant event such as Crufts.

By deconstructing the journey a customer would take around the exhibition, we were able to identify three key moments which were crucial to establishing meaningful connections with customers: 1) The First Impression 2) Rationale Reasons and 3) a Lasting Legacy.

Brave Execution…

Our Creative guru’s designed a smart, vibrant and professional exhibition stand that made the right first impression by commanding, gravitas and presence, drawing customers away from the competition into the stand.

Then we presented customers with rationale reasons to engage with the brand through an eloquent A5 prospectus, which staff could use as a conversation starter to showcase services and loyal customer testimonials.

But the real show stoppers were the quality, branded dog bowls that not only served as a desirable free giveaway, but also would serve as a constant reminder in the homes of potential customers for many Crufts to come. A lasting legacy.

Putting ourselves in the mindset of a visitor truly enabled us to map out their journey and create touch points to engage with them. So much so that GroomArts experienced their most successful Crufts ever!