Inspirational learning


GroomArts academy is entirely geared towards delivering the most commercially focused education in the UK, to develop the right skills for the pet grooming and styling industry. 

Promoting the best teachers and stylists with the best equipment and syllabus around!
A key aspect GroomArts wanted to portray was the support on offer pre, throughout and post courses undertaken.

The client’s themselves have a great outlook of their business, encouraging students to reach their full potential and see GroomArts website as creating a dream achieving nature.

Meaningful Strategy

Using the client’s positive and inspiring outlook we set out creating an online presence for GroomArts wanting to produce an aspirational feel around the site. Using video and bold imagery to represent all aspects of the academy.

We aimed to avoid sea’s of content and create an encouraging nature for potential students and a sense of motivating support.

Brave Execution

The reassuring and uplifting presence the site portrays really sums up the academy, using students as a key role in the imagery highlighting future aspects for potential enrollee’s. The site is informative yet engaging using video banners to create a sense of encouragement.

Showcasing real stories and results throughout the site we have created an outlook of the business being aspirational, dream achieving and all the information required to confidently enroll.