Fun at the Farm


Hatfield Park Farm knew that they needed a map to help manage the traffic flow around their attraction, so they sought out a partner with superior design credentials to create an intuitive, visual representation of their farm.

Meaningful Strategy

Maps are essential tools for Tourist attractions. Not only do they set visitors expectations of the time required and the scale of the site, but allow them to self navigate around attractions and amenities. If done right they take away the need for ushers and increase customer satisfaction.

The core target audience for the farm is families and, being parents ourselves, we know that the children often become the designated ‘Family Map Reader’ on days out.

Brave Execution

With this insight firmly cementing our strategy, we set about creating an intuitive two-dimensional symbolic description of the layout of the farm.

Using pictures, iconography and visual stimulus we brought the attractions and amenities to life and created a map that would be legible to even the youngest of visitors.

We are proud of the final product and understand that customer satisfaction and engagement at the attraction has surpassed expectations.

A job well done.