Staff shift management system


Horizon is the UKs fastest growing parking management company, they manage the time and efficiency of parking time, space and people. With over 1,325 UK car parks for clients in public and private sectors ranging from leisure, retail, residential, education, transport and healthcare.

We were tasked in helping them improve their shift management system within the company to help manage their workers and locations more efficiently by eliminating a lot of the manual process of data and automating processes with a bespoke web application built with Ruby on Rails.

Meaningful Strategy

The requirements were to replace an existing shift management system that had been build in WordPress, which was quickly outgrown due to the restrictions of flexibility in that platform. The design of the new web based application which was to be built in Ruby on Rails, had to be simple, straight forward and easy to use as there were to be multiple user levels on the system.

We sat down with the client and discussed in depth the main issues they had come across previously using WordPress as their platform, and what restrictions had come up, focusing on the improvements that were going to be required  to move forward. At the end of this session we had created rough diagrams of the user flow, page structure and system management requirements, and how these would need to work within the system.

Brave Execution

The proposed design was simple with a greater focus on the core user experience. The system created completely automates the assignment of shifts, the status of shifts by timing and allowing proper flow by only letting certain actions take place when the shift achieves a certain status. For example a shift can be signed off only by a management level user and only after the start time has passed, to ensure the information is correct all actions are also logged against each user.

Additional features that were also built into the system included adjusting actions, statuses and being able to filter all data by various statuses, as well as handling users, location sites and staff all within one clean system that responds seamlessly to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.