"Trim? No I'll have a complete re-style please..."


The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy (LHAA) is a dynamic, innovative vocational training organisation that specialises in the highest quality of hairdressing training.

They came to us wanting a complete re-design of their website to reflect them being the top hairdressing apprenticeship academy with a highly sought after top google ranking. 
Their old site had high traffic figures and top SEO stats but ultimately wasn’t converting - with this we knew we needed to create more engagement with the user.

We set out to gain information and an understanding of their target audience and their consumer habits. Essentially this demographic are students and young adults who have a passion and a desire to learn and undertake a career in this field.

Meaningful Strategy

We ran focus groups at the LHAA to gain an understanding and insight into key users. Separated into two age demographics of apprenticeships and adult learner’s we spent two days gaining an insight into their user habits, thoughts and opinions.

We understood that the site was LHAA’s portal to getting students through the door. We learnt from research that the site needed to be image led, with a bigger focus on video, to be informative yet engaging for the demographic.

We also found out that the demographic is more mixed than originally thought – this led to the final product having less of a feminine feel and a more gender neutral design.   

Mindful of the SEO stats, the site needed to maintain the high rankings but convey an engaging platform to create more conversions. We were also conscious of making the site responsive on mobile as the targeted audience confirmed that this was their main device for surfing the web.  

Brave Execution

As soon as you enter the site the video banner draws the user’s attention, and a gender neutral but urban feel portrayed through imagery. All information about the academy is easily accessible across the site using large, sharp CTA’s giving the user direction to their desired area. 

A journey has been created to layout the career paths in full, whether you are a young student or adult learning. Highlighting from the start of your journey, to what you can achieve. Quotes, case studies and video content of current and past student’s and success stories are showcased, empowering aspiring students to give them the courage to enrol.

Our research played a key part in this project. LHAA now have a great platform that represents themselves as the top academy for this industry, talking directly to their audience echoing encouragement and empowerment throughout.