Creating a buzzzz!


Tasked with building an e-commerce site for a well established brand with bold advertisements from the popular body coach Joe Wicks, Lucy Bee have been at the forefront of the Coconut Oil explosion for a number of years and sell their products through multiple retailers including Sainsbury's, Tesco, WholeFoods, Tree of Life and Waitrose. 

They have been selling successfully online through Amazon, but wanted to own the end-to-end journey of their online customers by creating an e-commerce platform.

Needing an outlet for the brand to grow into the retail stage, with existing sites being more content and social based, they wished their e-commerce space to be simplistically product focused with an uncomplicated ordering process.

Meaningful Strategy…

After a number of meetings discussing the desired outcome we set out building a complete online presence for the brand. Keeping in mind the target audience of women of all ages and focusing on mobile as a main aspect of the final result.

We had a base to go from as they wanted the site to match and compare to the blog and main social sites already existing. We started examining these sites and incorporating the design to create and upkeep the uniform of the brand, Using a simplistic design and hints of pale colours to focus on the clear cut imagery and really highlight the product.

Brave Execution…

We suggested craft as a platform so they could benefit from future proofing the development to eventually merge their existing sites together.

We created a simplistic navigation system with 4 main categories and the basket integrated on every page to always be accessible from any point on the site and become a pain free straight-forward ordering system.

The images of the products are sharply defined and stand out from the unfocused background to bring each product to the forefront and really stand out.

In keeping with their already well known brand we created a site that felt simplistic, product led and polished and are confident this will be a roaring success, so watch this space!