Reflection of luxury


Nicholas Anthony is a family-run business founded in the UK in 1963, they specialise in the design and installation of high-end luxury kitchens, bathrooms and home interiors. From the ultra-contemporary to the classic and traditional, Nicholas Anthony provide them all.

With customers spending an average of £70,000 for the pleasure of their bespoke designs, we were tasked with producing a site that felt luxurious and impactful focusing on their beautiful imagery to bring to life their designers creations.

Meaningful Strategy

It was imperative that we reflected the high end and exclusive nature of their products. So we moved forward with a minimalist image led, refined and sophisticated design with stripped back colour to focus attention on the product. Less is more.

Utilising the client’s library to showcase their product and highlight their high end distinguished brand.

Brave Execution

Working with Foundation 6 Framework, we built out the design. To make the images look their best on any device, we used ‘object-fit’, a CSS selector that automatically crops images based on screen size, and a slick slider to navigate through the polished imagery. The design is very modular and that gives the client the ease and flexibility to maintain the site and also adapt for future management whilst also responding beautifully to fit to any screen size without compromise.

The clean lines of the luxurious Nicholas Anthony kitchens and bathrooms are reflected in both our design and build. All of us here at Tutch swoon over these out-of-this-world kitchens, wishing we could all own one…one day we hope!