Get in Tutch


How does a relatively new delivery company succinctly communicate its unique offering and engage over 15,000 potential retail partners, in just two days, at the busiest retail event in the calendar? Well first of all you make sure you are there on time!

We were tasked to create a stand out campaign for an upcoming event. Showcasing On The Dot offering a unique delivery service providing the customer a delivery within their own desired one hour slot whether that be 2 hours times, tomorrow, next week or in the future!

Meaningful strategy…

On-the-dot offer a unique and unparalleled service that allows customers to arrange a delivery within a one hour window of their choice. With customers also being able to arrange collections from retail partners, the delivery service presents a clear business advantage for high street retailers too. It’s this clear business benefit that needed to be communicated to a pool of potential partners, during one of the largest retail events of the year.

We pulled back the layers of the proposition and saw from every aspect that Timing was everything; The core proposition of a one hour delivery window, the extension of a retailers service without being confined by time and empowering a customer to better manage their own time.

The main aim was to attract potential clients to their stand using a competition and a unique but uniform way of promotion.

Brave Execution…

To attract the required audience of shops/chains who use a courier service we created an email campaign prior to the event, which reached out to these prospective clients and offered an incentive to come to the stand and hear about the great service on offer.

Once this was created we concentrated on the campaign for the show itself, making sure to highlight the company’s unique services by using a stand out tag line to lure potential clients in… the prize? an apple watch on offer every day!

We also designed a follow up email for after the event to remind the prospective clients about this great service and upkeep the interest…

With the tasks given we created a uniform design throughout using a light colour pallet and sketch like imagery teamed with intriguing content to highlight the unique services and customer focused style of the service they provide.

By having the three step designs of the leaflet/card on the event day sandwiched between the email campaigns we managed to really highlight the main focus to their clients.

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