From Zero to Hero


Primary Care People are a leading provider of medical personnel across the UK and it is fair to say that their original website was only a temporary solution. 

Due to their rapid expansion the site wasn't fit for the purpose of driving traffic towards the available c.80,000 jobs across the primary healthcare sector.... and that's where we came in.

Meaningful Strategy

Working collaboratively with Primary Care People, we identified three things that needed to translate clearly through the development and design of the website.

1) Their USP: Primary Care People uniquely care for the candidates they recruit via an Ambassador’s scheme which rewards loyalty.

2) Search Function: With over 80,000 jobs available nationwide at any given moment, we had to ensure that candidates could filter through to find the most relevant post for them.

3) Call to action: A visitor to a recruitment website is already in the right frame of mind to apply for a job so we just had to make it easy for them to do so, there and then.

Brave Execution

From the moment a visitor lands on the home page they are greeted with a dynamic headline which shouts about the number of jobs available to candidates. Then, via geographical search, they can quickly find a list of relevant roles available to them which can be efficiently filtered by role & salary.

The Ambassador Programme is also given equal prominence as the benefits are eloquently articulated on the home page and throughout.

During their entire experience, candidates are constantly prompted to take action albeit registering, chatting or receiving emails of the roles. But as soon as they elect to read more about a specific job, implying they are primed to apply, they are offered a friendly face via dynamic feed of personalised customer sales executives available to chat to now. We all like to talk to a human rather than a computer, right?

 Our new website had to match the aggressive growth of our business. When selecting a partner to work with it was imperative that they could match our ambitious growth plans, so as to be able to keep our digital profile in line with our business profile. Tutch have not only managed to achieve this from a visual perspective but they have managed to do make the user journey a quick an simple process, which is critical in the recruitment market…; Enquiries driven directly via the website were up in the first month after launch and have continued to rise, so we couldn’t have asked for more.”

Tawhid Juneja 
Managing Director at Primary Care People.