Connect, Collect & Communicate


Along with the update of their brand Rapidata wanted their website to follow in tow with their new facelift. Tutch were briefed for the new site to be clean, clear and simple for customers to use but taking a leaf from the new branding suite to give a kick of personality and bold tone of voice.

Meaningful Strategy

The site renovation was born from, similar to the beginnings of the new brand the bold creative image library that had been built with the very best visuals to represent the many different services that Rapidata provide.

The layout stems from extensive research into top hits and ‘most searched’ from their old site, giving us the knowledge into what people want at their fingertips when landing on the site. We also wanted clients to understand what Rapidata do, and how they can help your company easily. The result has left Rapidata with a site that is modern, striking and fresh giving personality to the company and a fantastic user experience.