Making a change


Rubica are a Change Management consultancy striving to shape the change needed to strengthen an organisation and its people. They work closely with teams and leaders to implement change needed to achieve goals as well as promote strength and positivity.

Moving forward from the basic site they had previously and wanting to promote an inspirational, personable platform, to house fresh imagery and most importantly do away with the “business like” script to promote change and a feeling of emotional engagement.

Meaningful Strategy

Concentrating on the brief we wanted to highlight how Rubica creates positive changes within organisations, bringing a personable and aspirational feel to the site.

With a large nod towards videos and the use of info-graphics and guides to offer advice, we have given the user confidence during their search, and deliver tangible content for what is essentially a non tangible product.

Brave Execution

When we asked Rubica “if you were a celebrity who would you be”? they replied Stephen Fry… Intelligent, genuine, open and honest, so the challenge was to replicate this sentiment throughout the site…

Using the home page as a gateway and including striking viewpoints throughout echoing change, we raised the questions their visitors have in mind by mimicking a typewriter to become relate-able and drawing an instant connection.

“I’ve worked with many agencies, but I can honestly say that the Tutch team are some of the best people I’ve worked with. They instantly ‘got’ what we wanted to achieve and came up with a solution that would make that vision a reality. What’s more they were supportive and committed to delivering that solution – ensuring it would be ‘fit for purpose’. We are delighted with our new website and it is already generating returns for us. I would highly recommend the Tutch team.”

Sophie Hurrell-Smith
Business and marketing manager at Rubica