Making Local Connections


Skill Makers is a business and community led initiative intended to bring businesses and education closer together, to support future economic sustainability and improve employment opportunities for local people. 
They are formed of a partnership between West Herts College and Watford Borough Council.

Their objective was to provide a support resource for local businesses around recruitment and training. 
Believing in people and their potential for greatness the site needed to be information led, yet have an encouraging nature.

Meaningful Strategy

Tutch was invited to pitch for the open tender document and won against stiff competition from other agencies, after three rigorous rounds of pitch process. After being appointed, early in the project Tutch raised concerns with the existing plan to charge for the resources on offer. 

Out of this challenge the council and college decided to re-scope how the project would be funded for the next three years using a sponsorship programme.This was a great outcome at this early stage, which resulted with a more sustainable project with a stronger future.

Brave Execution

Being an information resource website, it was really important that the visual signposting and delamination stood out. We achieved this by using a strong illustrative style, guiding the user with direction and common questions. We dealt with the three key areas by using a strong separate colour palette for each.

For returning visitors there are strong CTA’s guiding users straight to the resource centre and for new visitors the site immediately supplies a drop down option of questions they may need answering, enabling them to reach their desired area and get queries answered seamlessly.

By becoming part of the Skill Makers community, businesses can access a wealth of skills and related information, learn from the experiences of other businesses and discover solutions to their skills and CSR challenges all in one place.

The site is informative without scrolling through seas of content and answers desired questions users have with ease, providing the right resources for a brighter future.