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We got it from specialise in merchandise for kids with the mindset of products they wish their own children to have, supplying the latest craze in merchandise and fun products.

To support the company's rapid growth they needed their own e-commerce site rather than selling through other outlets such as amazon and ebay.

They work closely with their manufacturers to obtain rare, individual and one off products to bring the latest trends to the customer before leading retailers.

The site needed to be bright, bold and appealing whilst the functionality of the site was of high importance. With a mountain of products updated daily, a stock management tool was also needed.

Meaningful strategy

Looking forward at the sites design we wanted to inject a bold colour palette and an easy stock management system to future proof the clients ever growing merchandise.

We decided to work with linnworks which is a e-commerce platform that helps online retailers automate key processes, inventory management, shipping and listings.

Working intensely on creating the right filtering system, product database translation and integration to add ease to the user experience with a hassle free transaction process.

Brave execution

The site has an array of bold bright colour blocks for the stock to appear in, which helps the products stand out and be appealing to the customer, bringing to life the fun nature of the site.

The linnworks integration dynamically manages 5000 products in real time resulting in a seamless transaction process & a fully manageable selling platform.

The site is attractive on the eye, appealing to its particular audience and user friendly with in depth categorisation and filters including a what’s hot section.

We got it from now represents the go to site for the latest trends in products, whilst being highly functional and manageable for the client going forward.

Where did you get that? “We got it from”…


Contact us to find out more.


Contact us to find out more.