Digital Applications

Improving your business one step at a time

Bespoke applications made to scale with your business as you grow. You might want to build the next Uber, or just get your customers to make their warranty claim online, whatever the problem we can build a platform to help you achieve the outcome you want.

Concept and Strategy

All of our projects go through the process of creating a strategy, allowing all design, UX and UI to hang off a solid foundation. Doing so delivers sites that convert.

UX and UI Design

We support both the client and their users by understanding their individual goals. The challenge is to harness the objectives of both the client and their visitors to make that journey successful.


We develop in the latest coding languages, and in the most relevant development environments for both the client and the requirements for your project. No fitting square pegs in round holes here.

Is a digital application right for your business?

In a world where data is becoming more and more valuable, the way in which businesses use that data to improve the customer experience or improve their business process is becoming more and more common. Think of a business that has to manage many hundreds of disparate employees across the country, or a business that has to manage the data of projects that are being updated in real time every 15 minutes across the globe.

We often come across clients that are sharing documents on GDrive, or Dropbox and manually updating them centrally into a database to track and keep different teams up to date. We work with our clients to streamline this process by building digital applications that work through the cloud updating and centralising the data, so that it can be used and reported in real time.

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Why do clients build bespoke digital applications?

Adapts with your business

Building with technologies like Ruby on Rails means that as long as we architecture the platform in the correct way, the application will be able to grow and adapt as your business grows and adapts to the different situations that arise along the way.

Business problems worth solving

We work with our clients to create the business case with them for building an application. It may be that there is already a process in place but it involves many different departments in the business. By moving this operation to a digital application we can lessen the load on the individuals in the business and move the onus of the work to the customer like we did recently for FAI and their Warranty Claim platform.

Useful Data

Another byproduct of working with platforms like these is the ability to gain greater insights and data reporting for your business. By collecting useful data from the system on how and what users are doing, you are better able to shape the future of your business moving forward.


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