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A few thoughts we wanted to share

New up and coming talent.

Its that time of year when Tutch HQ open our doors and welcome work experience students within the studio. Its great for everyone involved for us to be able to show the younger generation what we do - what websites, coding and design is all about and how the industry works as well as opening their eyes to possible opportunities for the future.

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Your Website is Your New Sales Director

The importance of a first impression in business is essential, you have a seven second window to really make an impact. Your website is the first port of call for your potential customers to witness what your business represents. It is imperative to grab their attention and convey your message.

Your Sales Director is the commercial voice of your company, driving sales, generating leads for your business to grow and hitting targets. But did you realise that a great website can deliver all of these important aspects too.

As the face of your company, your site sets the tone of voice that you wish to portray to your customer. Unlike other members of your team it doesn't take a holiday; doesn't moan about doing the night shift; it works for you 24/7/365. It presents your businesses personality to your customers any time of night and day they choose to visit.

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Growing Your Business? Don’t Leave Your Website Behind

In business we constantly strive to keep up with the times. Competition on our heels, new tech constantly evolving. Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your website. So with all of that technology at your fingertips the one question on your lips should be...

What tools can help my website performance?

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What we have been up to…

The Tutch workforce have been busy bee’s launching new sites, creating marketing campaigns, designing web applications over the past few months and creating some stunning bespoke landing pages for our clients. Here are just a few to tickle your digital tastebuds...

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Tutch team on a wildgoose chase…

Cast your memory back to mid summer when the sun was shining, shorts and flip flops dawned and a pub garden was calling your name - yes it really wasn’t that long ago! Having worked hard throughout the summer we were offered the chance to be taken on a wild goose chase! Sign us up we said!

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Awards. Just like Buses. You wait for one and three come along at once!

Excuse us for being a bit giddy, we are just about down from our high from this years 2016 Hertfordshire Digital Awards where we were nominated for three awards, and we are proud to announce we had a clean sweep across the evening! … Surprised is an understatement but chuffed we were in bucket loads!

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How Behavioural Economics can create marital bliss

Holidays. I am addicted to them, exotic tastes, diverse cultures, Family adventures. It’s the main reason I go to work.

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First hand client experiences…

Squatted on all fours in front of everyone at the office, there has got to be a good reason.

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Motivating staff… on a budget!

Awkward.... That moment when your work colleague struts through the meeting room door dressed as a Gladiator. Then you remember it's the last Friday of the month, which means fancy dress Friday!

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Emotional Marketing

We know instinctively how important it is to make an emotional connection with a customer, and that in order to reach customers effectively in today's “cluttered” marketing environment one has to try to make that emotional connection.

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