Get in Tutch

Keeping up with the Joneses if you will – Websites are no longer just accessed from desktop machines. It’s a fact that more sites are viewed from mobile devices these days making it a must for websites to be responsive to ensure compatibility. With the launch of more smartphones than we know what to do with, its not surprising that within the past 12 months, the percentage of people viewing websites on their smartphones or tablets has doubled, and we can guarantee this to rise as the technology improves.

Being mindful of the trend Tutch decided to grab the bull by the horns by offering our clients nothing but responsive websites. Who wants a slice of the cake when you can have the whole buffet! Every inch of our custom built sites are considered down to the last pixel. Substance and style go hand in hand to create sites that function, are beautiful, user intuitive and instinctive layouts working effortlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone.