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Over the years we've added a few notches to our creative belt offering the complete package

Responsive Websites

We're an award winning agency who produce engaging responsive websites, did we mention award winning?

Keeping up with the Joneses if you will – Websites are no longer just accessed from desktop machines. It’s a fact that more sites are viewed from mobile devices these days making it a must for websites to be responsive to ensure compatibility. With the launch of more smartphones than we know what to do with, its not surprising that within the past 12 months, the percentage of people viewing websites on their smartphones or tablets has doubled, and we can guarantee this to rise as the technology improves.

Being mindful of the trend Tutch decided to grab the bull by the horns by offering our clients nothing but responsive websites. Who wants a slice of the cake when you can have the whole buffet! Every inch of our custom built sites are considered down to the last pixel. Substance and style go hand in hand to create sites that function, are beautiful, user intuitive and instinctive layouts working effortlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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Marketing Automation

"Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3x as many leads." Demandmetric

Marketing Automation is finally accessible to businesses of all sizes. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t be automating your marketing processes so that you visitors are served the right information at the right time and in the right place. The benefits for them are clear but for your business it enables you to generate more leads by identifying anonymous web visitors and capturing them with forms, so your sales funnel stays full!

Marketing automation helps you to:

• Increase the number of qualified leads by nurturing them with personalised content
• Drive more sales by identifying sales-ready leads for the sales team, and helping them follow when the lead wants you to.
• Improve up-selling and cross-selling by developing and retaining existing client relationships.
• Provide a comprehensive ROI for every marketing tactic by tracking the entire customer journey from their initial enquiry, through the sales process and then ongoing nurturing through automated CRM.

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Web Applications

We love creating bespoke web applications for our clients, these meaty projects get our developers juices flowing

We love a bespoke web application, the scoping planning and delivery of these projects get us going. Whether it’s an online billing and document storage platform for our clients or an award winning online relocation portal we love to put these projects together.

We understand that often these platforms are integral to the running of a business and in many cases the system is the product our client is selling to their clients, there’s no room for error here. Which is why we get so entrenched in the project from the outset, considering all the functionality, wireframing the entire user journey, analysing every pixel of the user interface and stress testing the platform under our rigorous procedures to deliver the finished product.

Email Marketing

The power of email marketing. Did you know there are 3.3 billion email accounts world wide, beating instant messaging and Social Networking in shear numbers. Email is the most dominant way of sharing information. Whether it’s an email from a work colleague, distant relative, sharing photos or your bank informing you of important changes to your current account, and over half of ‘mobile workers’ check their emails upon waking up or before they leave the house for the day.

The power of the email marketing is understated, but here at Tutch we love to support the underdog! We understand that targeted emails can increase brand awareness. Captivating the audience is half the battle, so design, construction and user interaction is key to encouraging the recipient to become engaged with what they are being sent. Email marketing is all about planting that seed and watching it grow.

Creative Design

Our Creative’s love nothing more than going ‘old school’ when producing inspired concepts and beautiful designs

Who said print is dead because here at Tutch it is very much alive! Tutch has an extensive back catalogue working on a range of print collateral from posters, exhibition stands, brochures and leaflets to name but a few. We have a well-established print team we have used for years which can give you the confidence that Tutch are going to deliver on quality all round. Whether it’s Spot UV, Foil Blocking. Matt Laminate, Digital, Litho or Embossing we have the know how and an eye for beautiful design.

Brand Creation

We never hang up our thinking caps. We're constantly on a mission to create better, bigger and bolder designs.

Whether you are a company in its infancy or you have been in business for years and need a refresh and in need of that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to get you off the ground then we are the guys for the job. We have passion for creating. There is much more to it than just putting a name in a nice font or choosing a complimentary colour palette. We set out every project with the objective to deliver your companies ethos, values and aims through a complete new brand suite.

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Brand Development

We know that realigning an existing brand to appeal to an evolving market is an art … and we have the paintbrushes.

Tutch have many years of experience in giving companies a modern facelift to tired brands. We understand your brand as the hub of your success. Your website is a digital hand shake to potential new clients, and we all know what its like to shake a limp hand! One of many ethos that Tutch live by is ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’ but we understand the power of a brand, and sometimes a refresh can do wonders to a company.

Sometimes a new direction, strategy and interaction with clients can be the key to making you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Tutch are here to give you that leg up. We take pride in every project we take on so you can rest assure that we will take your brand from good to great through passion, time and experience.